Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #5: Satan Strike

The Satan Virus...

A virus a thousand times more deadly than smallpox, a virus able to kill millions of people within a few hours.

It was developed by Jean Pierre Duvessalines - the sadistic dictator of a Caribbean empire. He has a cunning plan to enable him to rule the entire northern hemisphere.  He's going to trap Russia and the United States, using germ warfare as the bait, and then watch them destroy each other.  Next...

When the United States and Russia find out, they send out an SOS for an antidote.  The GRU sends Colonel Boris Yushkik to head their section; the CIA, naturally, wants to find the best man in the country to defeat the diabolical scheme.  And fast!  But who?  Who else but the master of death and deception, the expert at extermination - The Death Merchant!

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