Friday, May 11, 2018

Excerpt from The Death Merchants #1: The Ways of Killing Men

Max grinned cynically to himself.

Be careful – one day you may find that you’ve become a parody of your own life…

Max did not engage the Enforcers. Only brute force would provide him with an escape route, which he now needed every bit as much as did his prey. May as well let Emprada’s men do the heavy lifting! He knelt without hurry as an Enforcer threw a volley of 9mm rounds in his direction peppering the Cadillac Escalade that Max used for cover. Inside, the driver threw the big truck into Park and dived to the floorboards as his windshield spider-webbed and showered glass inward.

“You ok, boss?” Beti’s voice climbed into Max’s brain from the earphone in his left ear.

“Roger that,” he answered calmly, holstering the big Auto Mag and prepping the HK. “Emprada will beat feet toward the Embassy. His people will clear the path. We could use a diversion to get the attention of the Secret Service. They’re all over the South Lawn.”

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Death Merchants are back on the attack!

Brand new release!  
Available now for Kindle and in print.

The Death Merchants: The Ways of Killing Men!
Book #1 in the new series of the exploits of the Masters of Death, destruction and Disguise! 
by Richard Camellion

The next mission is the most deadly ever faced, and the Death Merchant is seething that the CIA has forced him back into their service!  He'll save their bacon one more time - before he serves them breakfast in Hell!

As the adventure opens the Death Merchant team must fight their way through the streets of Washington DC in the bloodiest and deadliest battle on civilian streets in the Death Merchant's violent career.  The body count will be epic - or his team will be gathered into the arms of the Cosmic Lord of Death!

If they are to survive, outnumbered and outgunned by the enemy, the police and the military they will have to work together as a savage and remorseless team - The Death Merchants!

And the adventures continue...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Death Merchant: Apocalypse

A dark cloud hangs over the free world.  Somewhere in the Aegean Sea, the Soviets are building the most powerful transmitter known to man.  If successful, it will control the jet streams and turn the world's weather into the ultimate weapon of domination - a weapon capable of plunging the West into political and economic chaos!

In desperation, the CIA sends their top agent to locate the secret island fortress.  But as Richard Camellion closes in on his target, a highly placed double agent prepares to betray him.  For the Agency has decided that success must be bought at any price - even if it costs them the Death Merchant!

Death Merchant #70: The Greenland Mystery

At a top-secret weather station, American scientists have made a shocking discovery - a mysterious city of extraterrestrial origins buried deep beneath the polar ice cap.  Already the Soviet supersub Lenin is bound for Greenland with a strike force of elite commandos.  Fortunately the CIA has dispatched their own deadly emissary to protect the defenseless post.

Richard Camellion has prepared a surprise reception for the unwelcome visitors.  Now, in the Arctic wilderness, the Death Merchant and a cutthroat band of mercenaries are poised for an explosive showdown that will convince the advancing commies that Hell itself has frozen over!

Death Merchant #69: The Miracle Mission

They called themselves the Brotherhood of Belial - a diabolical alliance of Red Brigade and Arab extremists.  Together they'd staged one of the most shocking and blasphemous acts of world terrorism: the theft of the sacred Shroud of Turin.  Someone has to recover the precious relic and teach the terrorists a lesson they won't forget.

Now the CIA has its own avenging angel.  His name: Richard Camellion. 

Only the Death Merchant could lead a strike force of Israeli paracommandos from a daring kidnapping in Damascus to a stunning air assault in Tunisia - and lead his enemies into the hellfires of Judgment Day!

Death Merchant #68: The Hindu Trinity Caper

PAL - Permissive Action Link: the President's "trigger" to the detonation of all US nuclear warheads.  Four have vanished from a high security government lab.  Now, somewhere in India, a renegade communist spy plans to give the KGB the key to America's atomic arsenal!

Enter Richard Camellion.  Posing as a harmless tourist, he leads a team of special agents on a blood-soaked manhunt from the back alleys of Delhi to the Holy Temples of Kashmir...toward an explosive showdown that will leave Uncle Sam's most powerful enemies without a hope or prayer.

Death Merchant #67: Escape from Gulag Taria

Deep in the frozen wastelands of Siberia, in an impregnable hospital fortress, a would-be defector with a powerful secret is being held prisoner.  He is a Soviet physicist whose work in weather control could give the Cold War a whole new twist.  The CIA's problem: how to kidnap him from a psychiatric staff of Soviet sadists and KGB killers.  The answer: Richard Camellion.  Who else in their right mind would lead a ragtag band of fanatic dissidents against the whole of Mother Russia and find a deadly mission the perfect chance to go a little crazy?